USDA Loans

Looking to buy a home in a rural area away from the crowds and stress of the big city? A USDA loan
can help you do it. A USDA loan is a zero-down-payment mortgage that helps people buy homes in
rural areas.

Developed in 2017, USDA loans were created to help the economy of rural areas by offering
mortgages that help make rural areas more tempting to homebuyers.

Locations eligible for USDA loans

Urban areas are excluded from USDA loans. However, there are locations within suburban areas
that may still qualify for a USDA loan. If you’re not sure if the home you’re considering would be
eligible for a USDA loan, give us a call today.

Qualifying for a USDA loan

The U.S. Department of Agriculture sets certain requirements for eligibility for a getting USDA loan to
purchase a home. These requirements include:

? A credit score of at least 640
? The home must be your primary residence
? The home must be in an approved area
? Your income must meet certain requirements based on the location of the home. Contact us
for more details.
? The home cannot be a working farm

Benefits of a USDA loan

USDA loans are attractive to homebuyers for a number of reasons, including:

? Zero down payment
? Closing costs may be rolled into the mortgage
? Low interest rates
? No private mortgage insurance

Interested in a USDA loan?

Real Estate Financial Services has helped homebuyers all over rural Georgia purchase properties
with attractive USDA loans. If you’d like to know more, give us a call today.